Marathon Training has Begun!

Yesterday marked my first official day of marathon training. I had a 4 mile run and even though it was only 5 degrees I decided to run outside because it was only 4 miles. However, running in 3 layers on top and 2 pairs of pants proved to make those 4 miles drag on forever. Not to mention it was windy and I kept getting annoyed with my face mask. I have this weird thing, where I don’t like things on my neck. Hence why I refuse to buy the Under Armor dry-fit turtle-necks. I feel like I’m gagging when I have stuff so I kept taking the face mask on and off and trying to fix it. In the end I just gave up and had a cold face and neck but was a lot less annoyed! The 4 miles went well and I’m sad to admit I was sore today. I guess that’s what happens when you run whenever you want, meaning not very much over the past few months šŸ˜‰

Today, with the wind chill it feels like -45! I am definitely not running outside today! My car barely started so depending if my roommate has to drive to campus or not I am either running on the treadmill or making today my one day off for the week! I’m fine with it either way!

My entire family got snow shoes for Christmas so Andy and I have been making use of ours quite regularly! It’s a great winter activity if the sidewalks aren’t shoveled or its too icy, or even if you want to get outside in the middle of a snow storm like we did!

DSCN0460 DSCN0463


A fitness app I’m really loving

I’m supposed to be writing a paper right now. You can see how well that’s going ha! It’s ok, isn’t senior year supposed to be filled with procrastination?! Anyways, onto more relevant topics..

Have I told you about this awesome app I have on my phone? Its called Sworkit. It allows you to choose the type of exercise you want, a specific area of the body to focus on, and finally the duration you would like to work out for. I absolutely LOVE it! I downloaded the free version of course because I never pay for apps and it does everything I need. Better yet, I work up an awesome sweat and can fit it into any crazy schedule I may have for the day. One of the things I’m really loving about it is the yoga option. I have never been a huge fan of yoga, mostly because I typically need something more high paced and active but taking just 10 minutes to calm down and focus has really helped me lately. This is what the little app logo looks like!

I’m really struggling with pictures right now because usually I use my phone (terrible quality I know but its just so easy!) but my camera screen is broken and I’m not sure if that’s something I can easily get fixed or not. Until then, I will have to bring my camera everywhere which is a lot more difficult to quickly whip out for a photo-op! SO until I get my act together and see if I can get it fixed I will be making a better effort to take more relevant pictures!
I hope your week is off to a great start! Hopefully it goes quickly so we can hurry up and eat our hearts out at Thanksgiving!

Marathon Plans

So after much reflection over the past month and yesterday’s post, I finally have an answer for you. I will continue blogging under the name “running diaries” but I will continue to reflect and make a final decision on the one year anniversary of my blog. Sound good? I think so too!

Anyways, I have decided to register for the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon in May. My dad will be running it with me and pacing me to run a 3:45. I was thinking about it and everyone in my life is setting me up for success with this marathon. Both Andy and my roommate have agreed to help me train andĀ my dadĀ will beĀ pacing me, so honestly it just comes down to me being religious with my training plan. I am officially registering Thanksgiving weekend when I go home to visit my parents.

Thursday’s are seriously my favorite days of the week. I don’t have much to do and I am home by 2:30 which gives me plenty of time to workout. Also, I never do homework on Thursdays because I don’t have any classes on Friday so I can have a guilt-free no homework night. Hooray!


Blogging Hiatus

I haven’t posted for almost a month. Want to know why? I felt like my name, Running Diaries, was false advertisement. Sure I’ve been running lately, but not nearly as much. On top of that, most days my runs are just runs and I do the same route so the pictures are all repetitive. Some days I just want to talk about what is going on in my life or my wedding plans and I don’t want to talk about running at all but with a title like Running Diaries I feel like I should be spelling out every detail of every run I do. So here is my dilemma… do I change my blog title or do I try to post at least SOMETHING about my run everyday and then also include personal things?

I need some help and guidance!

9 Looking out on the lake

Weekend Recap

I was so excited for this weekend because I really had nothing planned, and that’s exactly what I needed. Andy was up for the weekend, so Friday night we grabbed dinner and then watched a movie. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that we both fell asleep by 8pm! Saturday we spent the day relaxing again. I baked cookies and made Ranch Chicken tacos in my crock pot again. Andy watched the Badger game. And we went running/walking 3 times! It really was he best way to spend the weekend. We all need those relaxing days every once in awhile.

IMG_0549 IMG_0551

Sunday, I had an event for SSWO (Student Social Work Organization). We did a walk to fight hunger in Milwaukee. We lucked out because it really was the most perfect day for it! We had a total of 12 ladies show up and participate in the 2 mile walk. Afterwards our professor took everyone out for coffee. It was a nice way to spend the day!

IMG_0557 IMG_0558

I did reach my 15 miles for the week! Woo!! Consistency is key right?! I’m off to a great start this week too! Last night, my roommate and I went on a night run in the dark. It was creepy but a lot of fun. I always find that I end up tempo-ing parts when its dark and I’m scared. We went for 40 minutes, which ended up being about 4.5-5 miles. I am aiming for 18 miles for the week, so I only have about 13ish left. Not too shabby!

Today is going to be a very long day, but after today I have an easy second half of the week. Just have to power through and then I can relax! Woo!

I hope you are having a great week and hitting all your mileage/personal/work goals.

Grocery shopping is a good thing, obviously.

Grocery shopping is vital for more than the obvious reasons. I attempted to not go this week in hopes that I would eat the food that’s been in my house for awhile and that I’d be a little more creative with my meals. But that didn’t happen, instead I ate out a lot more. Oh well, I tried I guess! Yesterday morning when I realized I was out of coffee I decided to go on a walk downtown. It took me about 35 minutes both ways and it was an excellent way to start the day. When I was at the coffee shop though they tempted me into purchasing a chocolate chip pumpkin scone. Oh my goodness, it was soo good! And that is why I should grocery shop and not buy food daily. I end up getting things I don’t need and not really saving any money in the end!

After my walk, I stayed in running clothes all day andĀ it was awesome. Then when I got home from classes, I mowed the lawn so we will call walking and mowing my workout for the day. I only have 15 miles this week and I’ve already completedĀ 6 of them, so over the next 3 days IĀ need to do 9 miles, which is only 3 a day! Not too shabby! Andy will be here so hopefully we aren’t too lazy and will get out the door and run! And finally, I am leaving you with a picture my brother took at the Twin Cities Marathon, I think it’s pretty neat!

Chicken Noodle Soup and Crunchy Leaves

With the lack of sleep from this weekend, the nasty cold that is going around has finally caught up with me! I was even sent home early from my internship! Luckily, I have mastered the art of sickness and know exactly what works for me. I headed over to Target to pick up everything that I needed and then it was home. I forced myself to eat some soup and then I napped the afternoon away. Did you know that the Alka-seltzer brand makes the best cold and allergy meds. I don’t know what it is but they work like magic! Here are a few scenes from my life today.

IMG_0541 IMG_0542

After my nap, I went out for a run/walk. My mom always said that fresh air makes you feel better, and so I listened to her and headed out. The part about exercising when I’m sick that I hate is that my heart rate is so elevated that I breath much harder. I ended up walking home my second half, but I didn’t feel guilty about it because it was a gorgeous day and at least I made it out the door! Oh and I forgot to mention, I did strength at the park again today! Woohoo! The view during my run today:Ā  crunchy leaves, and a beautiful itty-bitty lake

IMG_0543 IMG_0546

I am off to get some homework done before night class, boo!! I’m hoping for an early escape but I doubt it!

Happy Wednesday

Question to Ponder:

What makes you feel better when you’re sick?